Please see this link (and profile page) for links to helpful Yeats websites and resources – A very useful website on Yeats’ mystical / spiritual vision, his theory on gyres etc… – Good analysis of Yeats’ ‘Coming of Age’ poems. – The Yeats Society in Sligo – Useful Yeats essay and revision questions – All Yeats’ poems online – The Yeats Society in New York – Decent for Yeats biographical facts – Very good ideas on ‘The Stolen Child’, ‘An Irish Airman…’ and ‘The Second Coming’ – The set poems as listed on the OCR Website – a lecture from Harvard University on ‘Among School Children’ – Excellent biography of ‘Con’ Markiewcz  – Very useful links to Eva Gore-Booth’s own poetry and some information on the sisters’ relationships with Yeats. – Chaos and Control in Yeats (from a Durham University PhD dissertation) – Good critical essay on Politics in Yeats’ poems. – Useful detailed analysis of ‘The Wild Swans at Coole.’ – Live Recording of Keane’s ‘A Bad Dream’ inspired by ‘An Irish Airman Foresees his Death.’ – A very useful website with lots of further links to essays / criticism / biography of Yeats etc. – Good notes on ‘Easter 1916’ – National Library of Ireland’s online exhibition about Yeats. – great notes on ‘The Fisherman’, ‘Among School Children’ ‘Sailing to Byzantium’ and ‘September 1913’.

1 thought on “Please see this link (and profile page) for links to helpful Yeats websites and resources

  1. Thanks for the great notes. We would like to invite you to join
    “THE WIDENING GYRES” an online seminar on Yeats’ poetry free to all members.

    This coming Monday, 4pm on the peripeteia website.

    An unmissable revision opportunity for AS students, and of interest to any Yeats enthusiasts!

    For more information, please see the Online Seminars page.

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