Revising for tomorrow’s exam…

It seems that blog readers think that ‘The Wild Swans at Coole‘, ‘Easter 1916‘ or ‘The Second Coming’ are the most likely poems to come up (see poll in post below) in tomorrow’s exam. Perhaps, if you have left revision a little late & time is running out, you might hedge your bets and focus your revision on these three poems…or then again, perhaps not…it might be ‘The Cat and the Moon‘ after all…

Aside from crossing your fingers and hoping that the right poem comes up, you should:

1) Ensure that you know – off by heart – a good selection of key quotations from across the 15 poems.

2) Do last minute essay plans for a couple of questions

3) Read through the mark scheme again to see which Assessment Objectives are marked for this unit.

Good Luck!



3 thoughts on “Revising for tomorrow’s exam…

  1. in order to make the site more successful overall- split the notes into the 3 main categories that the examiner will be marking us on- for instance verse form, language and imagery- hope this has been helpful

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