So, which poem will it be this year (2015)?

TerribleBeauty thinks that it is high time ‘Easter 1916’ came and hit you. However, if they chose ‘Among Schoolchildren’ or ‘September 1913’ I wouldn’t eat my hat either…

Add your thoughts and comments to discuss below

36 thoughts on “So, which poem will it be this year (2015)?

    • do you think the examiners can be that evil to repeat a poem in the exam eg. man in echo or broken dreams

      • Hopefully not, but they can if they really want to because I think this is the last year for it… It might not be

  1. hoping for The Stolen Child, An Irish airman or The Fisherman…any of those others will be horrible!!!

  2. Oh no! I really really really really really want Leda and The Swan. Prerarchan Sonnets, comparison of Leda to Ireland, synedoche and metonymy, the Gyres, symbolism of birds its just too much. Pls OCR love me.

    • Eva and Con, Irish Airman, Sailing to Byzantium and Leda and the Swan would be the ones that I’d like. Easter 1916 and September 1913 are very political and usually the ones I dread!

  3. I’m going by this list!!
    1. Easter 1916
    2. Among Schoolchildren
    3. September 1913
    4. Leda and the Swan (again. Yes, I know it was on the sample paper)

    Good luck guys!

    • what I mean by this is, why are people so confident it will be on one of those 4 poems and not any of the others that haven’t been used yet

  4. It seems Easter 1916 was simply viewed as too long by the examiners.
    What a miracle.
    Long live Byzantium!
    Long live the Emperor (who in turn is drowsy)!

    • What else could you say except from the human body was something that Yeats wanted to escape and that youth was better than growing old… Just found myself repeating a lot but there was nothing I could do 😦

    • I’m resitting too because I was so unprepared for the Sailing to Byzantium question last year! But I’m in a different college now so it’s harder because they do a different exam board and can’t really help 😦 what poem do you think it’ll be? I’m hoping for a political one because there haven’t been any..

      • Yeah I did not like that peom either and my teachers are predicting Easter 1916, as it was the 100th anniversary

      • I really hope so! I’m much more prepared for this part of the exam now than I am for the prose though so I’m just trying to do last minute revision for that now!

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