National Revision Day

Morning All,

Today – Thursday 10th April – is National Revision Day; today is the day you can commit to an amazing amount of learning, knowing that up and down the country (indeed, all over the world) other people just like you are sitting at tables / desks / laptops, with the same giant cup of coffee / energy drink and the same weary / slightly miserable look.

So, just for a fun break tell us if you have any ‘exam morning rituals’. Is there anything you particularly have to have for breakfast on exam day? Is there anything that has to be on your desk?

Don’t forget to take our fun poll, guessing which Yeats poem will come up this year for the OCR exam. Scroll down the homepage to find the poll (if I were you, I’d revise the top 4 extra hard!)

Studying Yeats in 2014


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Thank you.

Yeats in 2012/2013

A new academic year will see many new (and some old!) students sitting the OCR AS English exam on W.B Yeats. We are here to help your study and we always appreciate your comments on our revision notes. If you have great ideas (or want to challenge some of our ideas!) please leave comments on our pages; your comments will only add to the quality of this resource. All comments are subject to moderation.